La Ciencia de Cervantes / The Science of Cervantes (Stirling Maxwell Seminar and book launch)

La Ciencia de Cervantes / The Science of Cervantes (Stirling Maxwell Seminar and book launch)

College of Arts School of Modern Languages and Cultures Stirling Maxwell Centre
Date: Thursday 09 March 2023
Time: 17:00 - 18:00
Venue: Archives and Special Collections Seminar Room, University of Glasgow Library
Category: Public lectures
Speaker: Vicente Pérez de León (University of Glasgow), Frank Quitely (independent illustrator), Esperanza Jiménez (independent illustrator)
Document: La Ciencia de Cervantes poster

In his most recent monograph, Vicente Pérez de León discusses how 'the Counter-reformation path to natural philosophy was increasingly conditioned by its need to reconciliate the scholastic method with the experimental one, at the light of the evidence of new scientific and geographic discoveries. Official world-view was supported by approaches to knowledge such as the anti-superstitious discourse, which were sustained by the confluence of experimental, religious and legal methodologies, in support of a more accurate interpretation of reality. 

La ciencia de Cervantes shows how selected cervantine texts, including the QuixotePersiles and Sigismunda, and the Exemplary Novels, reflect how the confluence of artistic and scientific views of the period was evidenced in the depiction, among others, of exorcisms, animal-human interactions and geographical explorations. Particularly relevant is the case of the Colloquy of the Dogs, showing an attempt to reconciliate the conflictive confluence of Humanistic, Scholastic, anti-superstitious and baroque knowledge, in line with other unique Neoplatonist works, such as Maldonado’s and Kepler’s Somnium.' [in La Ciencia de Cervantes (Leiden: Brill, 2023)].

The seminar includes the official book launch, where you will have the opportunity to purchase the book with a generous 50% discount directly from the publisher, Brill – who is kindly also sponsoring the wine reception that follows.

The Tlaxcala Manuscript [Sp Coll MS Hunter 242 (U.3.15)] will be used during the seminar, and a small exhibition of relevant First Edition Cervantine works will also be available in the foyer of Level 12 (University of Glasgow Library).

A VERY IMPORTANT N.B. Due to limited capacity in the Seminar Room in Archives and Special Collections, please RESERVE your in-person place via eventbrite.

All welcome.

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