Mr Benedict Fellows

  • Research Assistant (Mathematics)
  • Demonstrator, Tutor (School of Mathematics & Statistics)


I am a PhD candidate researching physical systems from nanoscale heat dynamics to mosquito population ecology, with a particular interest in environmental research and communication. I am currently studying how Aedes Aegypti (the yellow fever mosquito) and one of the vector-borne diseases it carries, Dengue fever, respond to climate change. I am using a system of delay-differential equations with phenotypic plasticity to develop a model that considers relevant environmental factors including temperature, rainfall, and humidity. 

Research interests

Research groups



Mathematics 1 (lead), 

Mathematics 1C: Intro to Calculus, 

Mathematics 2A: Multivariate Calculus (lead), 

Mathematics 2B: Linear Algebra (lead), 

Mathematics 2D: Mathematical Methods and Modelling, 

Mathematics 2E: Mechanics(lead) 


Coding labs:

Intro to R, 

Mathematics 4H: Mathematical biology

Maths/Stats hub (Office hours):

Mathematics 1, 

Mathematics 2 (Including ABCDEF)



Mathematics 1,

Mathematics 1C: Intro to Calculus,

Mathematics 2B: Linear Algebra

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