Ms Felicity Belton

  • Lecturer in Private Law (School of Law)
  • Affiliate - Tutor (External Relations)


Felicity was originally admitted as a solicitor in Scotland and practiced in criminal law for twelve years. She then relocated to Queensland, Australia and, after being admitted as a solicitor there, spent five years practicing in civil litigation and immigration law. Thereafter, she taught Legal Studies for nine years, also serving on the Queensland National Examination Panel. 

Since 2017 she has been working as a Research Associate/GTA with the Law Reform & Public Policy Research Group (LRPP), School of Law, University of Glasgow. She is involved with the following LRPP groups: The Socio-Legal Group; the Criminal Law Forum; and Justice@Glasgow. She also organises the #Shutup+write sessions for staff and PhD students. Felicity maintains the LRPP Group’s presence on social media, as well as organising and publicising events held within the Group’s remit. She regularly liaises with academic staff within the School of Law, other cross-disciplinary forums within University of Glasgow (such as the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and the Gender-Based Violence Research Forum), as well as academics and professionals external to the University. She is the Co-founder of the annual Glasgow Law Post Graduate Conference and serves on the Law School’s Post Graduate Committee and the Equality and Diversity Group. 

Felicity attained an LL. B at Strathclyde University, later completing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Forensic Medicine at the University of Glasgow. In Australia, she completed a B.Ed. (Legal Studies). Thereafter she obtained an LL.M (Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology in 2013. 

Felicity is currently writing up her doctoral theses:

Forced Marriage and Scots Law: The Domestic Relationship with International Obligations’

This continues and expands her LL.M research, focusing on national and international legal approaches to the phenomenon of forced marriage She is also researching marriage law, in particular belief marriages and unregistered marriages.

Research interests

Forced Marriage; Belief Marriages; Unregistered Marriages; Intersectionality; Criminalisation; Trafficking; Comparative Pre-Tertiary Legal Education; Access to Legal Education.


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Belton, F. (2018) Case Comment. Sadovska v Secretary of State for the Home Department: an inconvenience for the Home Office. Juridical Review, 2018(2), pp. 140-145.

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Belton, F. (2018) Case Comment. Sadovska v Secretary of State for the Home Department: an inconvenience for the Home Office. Juridical Review, 2018(2), pp. 140-145.

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Co-Investigator, ‘Lawful Gaming Project’ – University of Glasgow School of Law – with Professor Jane Mair (as Principal Investigator) and Dr Frankie McCarthy (as Co-Investigator), funds awarded by Economic and Social Research Council, October 2018 – March 2019

(As above) Economic and Social Research Council Follow-on Fund (Community Engagement), July 2019 – September 2019


2017 – 2019 Research & Teaching Associate supporting Law Reform & Public Policy Research Group, School of Law, University of Glasgow

  • Family Law
  • Property Trusts & Succession
  • Criminal Law
  • Introduction to Legal Study
  • Access to Law - Criminal Law & Family Law

2015 – 2017 Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Glasgow

  • Family Law
  • Legal Profession and Legal Ethics

2015 – 2017 Affiliate Tutor, Access to Law, University of Glasgow

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law

2015- 2017 Law Lecturer, Edinburgh College

  • Scots Law: An Introduction
  • Law of Contract: An Introduction
  • Property Law: An Introduction
  • Market Operations and the Scottish Economy
  • Business Law: An Introduction
  • Business Contractual Relationships
  • Company Law: An Introduction
  • Scots Private Law I

2007 - 2014 Member of Queensland Studies Authority Exam Panel (Legal Studies)

2006 - 2014 Senior Legal Studies Teacher, Education Queensland, Australia

Senior Legal Studies (‘A’ level equivalent) –
Australian Legal Systems, Criminal Law, Contract, Torts, Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Environmental Law, Legal Research Methods, Indigenous Legal Issues 

Additional information

Conference Presentations

‘Five Years after the Criminalisation of Forced Marriage: Reflections from Scotland’ Gerald Gordon Criminal Law Seminar, University of Glasgow, 11th June 2019

The View from the North: Recognition, Inclusivity, and Access to Legal Protections on Divorce’ - Relationship Breakdown – Informal and Legal Solutions Conference, International Network of Scholars Researching Unregistered Marriages (INSRUM), Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (London), 14th December 2018

'Does creating equal protection, via legislation, for 'religion' and 'belief' give some protection for non-religious beliefs?" - Formatting Non religion in Late Modern Societies - Institutional and Legal Perspectives Conference, EUREL/University of Oslo, 26-27 September 2018

‘Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Criminal Law and Punishment: A Researcher Led Discussion’ - Criminal Law Forum/ SCCJR Joint Event, University of Glasgow, 9th March 2018

‘Some Thoughts on Marriage in the Context of Sadovska’ – Invited speaker, Issues on Marriage & Divorce, University of Glasgow, 11th December 2017

‘Seen and Unseen Victims: Forced Marriage and the Importance of Intersectionality’ – Invited speaker, Reblaw Conference, University of Glasgow 11th November 2017

‘If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It: Ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the Divergent Positions of Scotland and England regarding Forced Marriage’ – Devolved Nations and International Law, June 2017, Bangor University

‘Defending the Individual Rights of Forced Marriage Victims in International Human Rights Law’ – Durham Annual PGR Law Conference: HRC, CELLS & LGJ ‘Defending Individual Rights’ May 2017, University of Durham

‘Forced Marriage: a More Effective Approach within International Human Rights Law’ – Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, April 2017, University of Newcastle

‘Forced Marriage: Beware the Stereotype’ – Invited speaker, Humanist Society of Scotland Celebrants Conference 26th February 2017

'Intersectionality and Responses to Forced Marriage' – University of Strathclyde Postgraduate Conference, ‘Visualising the Law’, October 2016

'Forced Marriage in Scotland: Stalled at the Intersection?' – Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, April 2016, University of Lancaster

Professional Qualifications

  • Admitted Solicitor (Scotland) - September 1987 
  • Admitted Solicitor (Queensland) - May 2000
  • Registered Teacher (Queensland) – 2006 - Present; Registration Number 813415
  • Registered Teacher (Scotland) – 2014 - Present; Registration Number 159058



  • Law Reform Research Group
  • Gender Based Violence Research Group
  • Post Graduate Committee (Research Group Rep)
  • Equality & Diversity Group (Athena Swan) 
  • Member – Honour Abuse Research Matrix (HARM) (UK Network) – 2018-Present
  • Member – New South Wales Forced Marriage (International Network) – 2018-Present