Dr Elena Cooper

  • Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (School of Law)

Research interests

Elena Cooper is Postdoctoral Researcher in Copyright Law, History and Policy at CREATe, University of Glasgow. Elena’s first monograph – Art and Modern Copyright: The Contested Image (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2017) - will provide the first in-depth account of the history of artistic copyright (painting, drawing, engraving and photographs) over a longitudinal period (1850-1911). Based on significant original archival work Art and Modern Copyright uncovers perspectives on copyright that have been long forgotten today, challenging the way we think about copyright and its history.

Elena has also published a number of articles on the challenges of multiple authorship for copyright law, published in Law and Philosophy (identifying insights for copyright from 20th century institutional art theories), Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA (explaining history of divergence between UK and US) and Social and Legal Studies (original archival work into copyright issues arising from the involvement of thousands of unpaid volunteers in the making of the nineteenth century Oxford English Dictionary and comparing to Wikipedia).

In January 2017, Elena will start a new three-year research project at CREATe, Glasgow, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and mentored by Lindsay Farmer, uncovering the history of the role of the criminal law in intellectual property law. Before coming to Glasgow, Elena was Orton Fellow in Intellectual Property Law at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Her PhD, on the history of photographic copyright law 1850-1911, was supervised by Lionel Bently at Cambridge University, and was awarded a Yorke Prize by the Faculty of Law, Cambridge, in 2011.


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