Aline Iramina

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Research title: Copyright Governance by Algorithms: Towards a More Transparent Regime?

Research Summary

Research Interests

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Platform Governance
  • Privacy and Data Protection Law
  • AI Regulation

Research Fellowship

  • Research Fellow of the first Research Sprint on 'AI and Content Moderation' (August 2020 – October 2020), organised by The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), within the project “The Ethics of Digitalisation – from principles to practices”.
  • Research Fellow in the research project 'Access to Platform Data' at the Meir Shamgar Center for Digital Law & Innovation at Tel Aviv University to work on a publishable paper on 'Access to platform data for research purposes' (July 2022 - September 2022).



  • Iramina, A. (2020) "GDPR v. GDPL: Strategic Adoption of the Responsiveness Approach in the elaboration of Brazil's General Data Protection Law and the EU General Data Protection Regulation" (in Portuguese). Law, State and Telecommunications Review, Brasilia, v. 12, n. 2, p. 91-117, 13 Oct. 2020. DOI:
  • Iramina, A. “Liability of Intermediary Service Providers for Copyright Infringement in Brazil: Challenges and Perspectives” (in Portuguese) in the Law Magazine “Direito e Novas Tecnologias” (Jul.Set/2019) – Thomson Reuters Revista dos Tribunais.  

Policy Briefs

Book Chapters

Web publications




College of Social Sciences (CoSS) PhD scholarship (2020-2023).


Conference Presentations (Selected)

- Conference "Rethinking Copyright Flexibilities". Participant in the Panel on Copyright Flexibilities and the Role of Platforms presenting my paper on "Copyright Governance by Algorithms: Rules and Standards on Algorithmic Transparency" (October 2022)

- IBIL PhD Conference 2022 (UCL). Participant in the panel on copyright presenting my paper on "Copyright Governance by Algorithms: Rules and Standards on Algorithmic Transparency" (June, 2022)

-  Intensive Doctoral Week (11th edition) Sciences Po. Participant in the "Writing Workshops" to discuss my PhD research on "Copyright Governance by Algorithms: empirical analysis of main nodes, networks, and social effects involving the use of algorithms by online platforms within the music streaming industry in the UK" (June, 2022)

-1st SCOTLIN Early Career Scholar's Symposium. Participant in the panel on "Intellectual Property Law, Technology and Sustainable Change" to discuss my PhD research on "Copyright Governance by Algorithms: Towards a More Transparent Regime?"  (June, 2022)

- 1st Annual Conference of Scottish Law and Innovation Network. Participant in the panel "Righting Copywrongs" to discuss my research on "Copyright Governance by Algorithms: Rules and Standards on Algorithmic Transparency" (April, 2022)

- Fourth Intellectual Property & Innovation Researchers Asia Conference. Participant in one of the parallel sessions on "Digital Copyright" to present my research on "Copyright Governace by Algorithms: Rules and Standards on Algorithmic Transparency" (February, 2022)

- Global Congress of Intellectual Property and Public Interest. Participant in the "Workshop on Copyright and the Digital Economy" to present my research on "Content Moderation and Recommender Systems: why do we need to know more about copyright governance by algorithms?" (October, 2021)

- The X Internet Forum of Brazil. “Copyright and the Internet of 21st century” (September, 2020)

- XIII Congress on Copyright and Public Interest (CODAIP). “Copyright, Public Interest and Technological Convergence” (November, 2019)

- PROSPECT&I 2019. International Congress of PROFNIT. “ Copyright and New Technologies” (October, 2019)

- The 4th Global Congress on Intellectual Property and Public Interest. “Multilateral Agenda on Copyright and Related Rights” (December, 2015). 



  • Intellectual Property and the Market (LLM 2023/2024 - University of Glasgow) - Seminars 1, 2 and 3 on Trade Marks and Brands
  • Copyright in the Digital Environment (LLM 2023/2024 - University of Glasgow) - Seminar 8 on Copyright, Algorithms and Platform Governance
  • Law and Digital Creative Industries (LLB 2023/2024 - University of Glasgow) - Seminar 8 on Music: content moderation, recommendation and transparency 
  • Intellectual Property Law (Msc 2023/2024 University of Glasgow) - Seminar 2, 5, 7 and 10 on IP Law and creative industries 
  • CopyrightX: CREATE 2023/2024 (coordinator)

Guest Lecturer:

  • Course "Disinformation and autocrats in the digital world: Policy Solutions" (University of Tubingen). "Platform Transparency"(July, 2022)
  • Summer course LAW5033 IPL (UofG). "Copyright in the Digital Environment" (June, 2021)
  • VI Workshop on IP for media professionals organised by WIPO and the National Confederation of Industry. “Introduction on Copyright in the Arts, Publishing Industry and on the Internet” (August, 2020)
  • WIPO Summer School. “Copyright and New Creative Industries” (January, 2020)
  • WIPO Summer School. “The use of protected content in the digital environment: new business models, broadcasting and satellite signals” and “Copyright and New Creative Industries” (July, 2019)
  • III Workshop on IP for Media Professionals organised by WIPO and The National Confederation of Industry. “Copyright in the digital environment” (November, 2018)
  • ENAP Specialization course on policy & sciences management, technology, and innovation. Intellectual Property and Technology Transference. “Basic concepts and the impact of new technologies on the copyright system” (March, 2018)


Additional Information

PhD Researcher at CREATe

Civil Servant in Brazil’s federal government – currently on leave

Qualified Lawyer in the “Brazilian Bar Association” (OAB)

LL.M in Intellectual Property Law at University College London (2016/2017)