Jonathan Hardman


PhD Topic

Default Rules in Scottish Companies: An Empirical Study


Dr Irene-marie Esser
Professor Iain MacNeil


Jonathan graduated from the law school with a first class honours degree in 2008, completed his diploma in 2009 and has since worked as a corporate and finance solicitor in full time private practice with Dickson Minto WS in Edinburgh. He obtained a distinction in his LLM by research in 2017.

Jonathan still combines his research interests with working full time as a transactional finance lawyer.

Research Interests

I am interested in all elements of private companies and Scots commercial law. I also research wider corporate law themes, theoretical business law, and law and economics


M&A Transactions Course, Taught LLM



J Hardman “Demystifying Scots law: Scottish aspects of debt finance transactions” 2016(1) Journal of International Banking and Finance Law 38;

J Hardman "Necessary and Balanced? Critical Analysis of the Legal Writings (Counterparts and delivery) (Scotland) Act 2015" 2016(3) Juridical Review 177;

J Hardman "Some Legal Determinants of External Finance in Scotland: A Response to Lord Hodge" (2017) 21 Edinburgh Law Review 30


J Hardman, "Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: A View from Corporate Security Practice of the Moveable Transactions (Scotland) Bill" 2018 Edinburgh Law Review, accepted for publication;

J Hardman, "Scottish Share Pledges and recent legislative developments: Lessons for the Great Repeal Bill" 2018 Juridical Review, accepted for publication;

J Hardman, " A Practical Guide to Granting Corporate Security in Scotland", W Green & Sons, to be published summer 2018

Conference Paper

J Hardman "The Moral Hazard of Limited Liability? An Empirical Study of Scottish Legal LLPs" - Inaugural conference of the Partnership, LLP and LLC Law Academic Forum, 5 April 2018, Nottingham Trent University