Ann Luk



PhD Topic

'Psychology and Law' 


Professor George Pavlakos
Dr Gavin Anderson


Ann joined the Glasgow University School of Law in 2017 as a PhD candidate. She gained her undergraduate LLB degree from Queen Mary, University of London, before completing a Masters in Law at LSE which focused on Public International Law. Following this, Ann obtained a Masters in Psychological Studies at the University of Glasgow, with a dissertation on the influence of psychopathy and moral disengagement on moral utilitarianism.

Ann’s work experience includes assisting and writing for legal and academic publishers. She has recently worked for the open access academic publisher, the Public Library of Open Sciences (PLOS).

Research Interests

My areas of interest include legal theory, legal reasoning, the relationship between law and morality, and public perceptions of law. I am interested in inter-disciplinary and empirical approaches to the study of law. 

My current research project explores moral and legal decision making, analysing relevant work from both legal theorists and findings from moral cognition studies in psychology. I will use empirical research methods and take an inter-disciplinary approach. My PhD is funded by the College of Social Sciences.


College of Social Sciences Scholarship

Additional Information

Twitter: @ac_luk