Research Projects

In recent years, our work has focused on questions of law and political economy, crime and responsibility, national, transnational and international legal orders, and on different aspects of constitutionalism: constitutional theory; constituent power; conceptual issues around constitutionalism; the labour constitution and the constitution(s) of the EU. 

More details on our research projects are produced below.

Law and the Political Economy: We are a group of researchers studying law in the context of contemporary political economy.  Our work bridges different fields of economic regulation and governance - labour law and labour markets, corporate governance, financial law, central bank laws and monetary policy - and different methodological and theoretical approaches.  

National, Transnational and International Legal OrdersThis research cluster concentrates on the questions of how various orders of law at the national, supranational, transnational and global levels relate, interact and conflict and how we might theoretically address the resulting complexity and attendant normative challenges. 

Crime Responsibility and the Trial: This research brings together theorising crime and criminalisation, the institution of the criminal trial, and broader questions of responsibility. 

Theorising the ConstitutionConstitutional theory forms a key research area, and it is around the concept of the Constitution, its function, its relation to politics and the economy, that a number of projects and research interests intersect.