Social Rights and Markets

GLT hosted the first workshop in a series on ‘Social Rights and Markets’ on 4 October 2013. This event focused on education – the right to education and the public role of the University vis a vis the creeping marketisation of (tertiary) education. Fernando Atria, Professor at the University of Santiago and a key participant in the constitutional debates in Chile, gave a lecture in the morning. In the afternoon, we hosted a round table discussion with contributions from David Garland (NYU), John Holmwood (Nottingham) and Russell Keat (professor Emeritus of Political theory at Edinburgh.)

GLT hosted a second one-day event in the ‘Social Rights and Markets’ series on 22 November 2013, exploring the topic of social rights and markets, with particular consideration of the field of work and working relationships. Charles Woolfson, Eric Tucker, Diamond Ashiagbor, Michelle Everson, Emilios Christodoulidis, Claire La Hovary and Marco Goldoni presented papers. Please see the programme details below.

Further details on GLT research in social rights, crisis and austerity, can be found on our research pages. 

Work and Working Relationships Programme
  • Diamond Ashiagbor - Challenges to the ‘Social State’ in the Global North and South
  • Michelle Everson - Finding our Way Back to Europe?
  • Ruth Dukes - Collective Labour Law and the Question of Methodology
  • Marco Goldoni - The Question of Representation in the Workplace
  • Eric Tucker - Recurring Regulatory Dilemmas for Social Rights in Capitalist Economies? The Case of Workers’ Compensation in Canada
  • Claire La Hovary - The Informal Economy and the ILO: a Legal Perspective
  • Charles Woolfson - Reconfiguring the Swedish Model: Between Laval and the (Neo-)Liberal Migration Regime
  • Emilios Christodoulidis - Market Access and Social Dumping