Hannah Arendt and the Law

Monday 14 June

12.00-13.00: Lunch and Introduction (M. Goldoni & C. McCorkindale)

13.00-15.15: Panel I. The Concept of Law
Chair: G. Pavlakos (Antwerp & Glasgow)

H. Brunkhorst (New School for Social Research): Power and the Rule of Law in Arendt’s Thought
K. Breen (Queen’s Belfast): Law, Power and Violence in Arendt’s Thought
J. Van der Walt (Glasgow): Appearance and the Site of the Political

15.15-15.45: Coffee Break

15.45-18.00: Panel II. Constitutional Law
Chair: A. Asteriti (Glasgow)

I. Honohan (Dublin): Arendt and the Republican Constitution
M. Goldoni (Antwerp) & C. McCorkindale (Caledonian): The Role of the Courts in Arendt’s Political Constitutionalism
K. Palonen (Jyvaskyla): Arendt as an Adversary of Parliamentary Government

Tuesday 15 June

9.00-11.15: Panel III. International Law and Human Rights (First Part)
Chair: K. de Feyter (Antwerp)

L. Douglas (Amherst): Eichman in Jerusalem, Demianjuk in Munich
L. Bilsky (Tel Aviv): Judging Bureaucracy
S. Besson (Freibourg): International Human Rights and Citizenship

11.15-11.30: Coffee Break Panel III. International Law and Human Rights (Second Part)

F. Hofmann (London School of Economics): Facing the Abyss: (International) Law before the Political
R. Collins (Sheffield): International Law’s Constant Becoming: Modernist Positivism and the Problem of Constitutional Foundations

13.00-14.00: Lunch

14.00-16.15: Panel IV. Jurisprudential Critiques
Chair: N. Van Camp (Antwerp)

M. Wilkinson (London School of Economics): Arendt and the Ambiguous Foundations of Modern Law
E. Christodoulidis (Glasgow) & A. Schaap (Exeter): Arendt’s Constitutional Question
V. Liska (Antwerp): A Lawless Legacy. Hannah Arendt and Giorgio Agamben

16.15-16.30: Final Roundtable