1. NAME: University of Glasgow Philosophy Society


2.1 Enhance the philosophical interests of students by exposing them to contemporary research in the field.
2.2 Engage with the wider philosophical community by hosting talks from philosophers who work in other fields (law, politics, physics, etc.), thus promoting interdisciplinary exchange.
2.3 Highlighting the importance and wide-reaching scope of philosophy to students of all disciplines.
2.4 Provide a vibrant environment where people can socialise and exchange their own philosophical ideas.


3.1 Our main enterprise is to host weekly talks where a visiting or resident speaker presents a philosophical topic. Talks typically last one hour and they are followed by a one-hour Q&A session.
3.2 We also hold fortnightly reading seminars where we discuss articles focusing on topics that are typically not included in the Philosophy department’s
academic curriculum.
3.3 We also hold social events that are related with philosophical issues but that offer a more informal setting for debate. These are organised on a rolling basis


4.1 Full membership is open to all and only registered students of Glasgow University. The society may restrict its membership insofar as is necessary to facilitate its purpose, function and aim and in compliance with anti-discriminatory legislation and best practice.
4.2 Non-students may join as Associate Members.
4.3 Associate members (non-students) shall not account for more than 20% of the total membership.


5.1 The Business of the Society is conducted by an elected committee on behalf of the members.
5.2 Any member who is a registered student has full voting rights at General Meetings of the Society.
5.3 At any General Meeting of the Society, the weight assigned to the total vote of Associate members shall not exceed 10% of the total voting members present.
5.4 The Society’s AGM will appoint the following office-bearers: a) President, b) Vice-President and c) Treasurer. The Society’s AGM might also appoint a Social Media Convenor, a Reading Seminar Convenor or any other positions it might find useful for the achievement of the society’s aims. These office bearers constitute the Society’s committee. These appointments will be notified to the SRC.
5.5 An Extraordinary General Meeting will be called to elect a replacement during the event of a vacancy in the position of President, Vice-President or Treasurer. Vacancies in other positions will be filled by the committee if and when it considers appropriate.
5.6 Any full member of the society is entitled to stand for the office bearer positions.
5.7 No full member should be barred from standing for office in the society unless the position is held for a particular group or community of interest, e.g. first year students or faculty members. A returning officer should be appointed for elections.
5.8 All elections must be held by secret ballot.
5.9 All office bearers shall be registered students at the University of Glasgow and shall not have opted out of SRC representation under the Education Act 1994.
5.10 The Annual General Meeting, at which office bearers shall be elected and the society’s accounts submitted and approved by the membership, shall be called within 5 working days notice to the membership. The membership must be given a financial statement on the year’s accounts. Notification to the membership will be given through the Society’s mailing list and social media accounts. The executive committee will investigate any complaints regarding inadequate notification.
5.11 Resignations from the Committee: Committee resignations shall be instituted by a letter of resignation to the President of the Society. In the case of the resignation of the President, resignation must be instituted by a letter to the Vice-President.


“Provide and promote equal opportunities, whatever a person’s race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status age, physical or mental disability, state of health, appearance, status, family circumstances”


7.1 The membership may make constitutional amendments at the Annual General Meeting.
7.2 On receipt of a petition signed by 10 percent of the membership, the President shall call an EGM.
7.3 When an Extraordinary General Meeting is called for the purposes of articles 5.7 or 7.2, the membership shall be notified within 5 working days.