Glasgow University Philosophy Society is the place where answers really can be found at the bottom of a glass!

Our main enterprise is our schedule of weekly talks, where a visiting or resident speaker presents on one of the many issues that have divided history’s great minds, and continue to perplex those who teeter on their shoulders. We then have a chance to ask some questions about the talk before heading to a local pub for some socialising over a few pints (we talk about non-philosophy stuff too, don't worry!).

Our events are aimed at those of all levels of philosophical understanding, from beginner to post-graduate and lecturers. (If you don't know what the speaker is talking about, it's most probably their fault, not yours!).

We also hold the odd social, film-showing, reading group, and student talk. Altogether, the society is just a great place to meet like-minded people and have some interesting chat!

Membership is completely free and open to all Glasgow students. Talks and events are open to all (Glasgow and non-Glasgow students).

Add us on Facebook to stay up to date with upcoming events. Or simply email us at if you have any questions.