Network for Oratory and Politics

Thursday 19 November 2015: Postgraduate Workshop

One-day workshop for postgraduates analysing political speeches by leaders of the ancient, pre-modern and modern world.

This day-long workshop invited postgraduate students interested in political oratory to participate in hands-on sessions analysing speeches by political leaders of the ancient, pre-modern and modern world. The sessions will be led by specialists in political oratory of these periods and aims to develop skills in analysing speeches from a rhetorical and political perspective.

The three specialists for this session were: Professor Catherine Steel (Glasgow), an expert in Roman political oratory and rhetoric; Dr Karin Bowie (Glasgow), who specialises in popular politics, culture and religion and the public sphere in early modern Scotland; and Dr Ernest Schonfield (Glasgow), who is an expert in the uses and reception of oratory and rhetoric in modern German culture and politics.

This workshop ties in with the seminar series 'Approaches to political oratory across history' held at the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.

You can read about the workshop on our website