Network for Oratory and Politics

Autumn Seminars: 'Approaches to political oratory across history.'

The Network for Oratory and Politics held a series of seminars this Autumn which showcased three experts in political rhetoric who discussed three different approaches to political oratory in three different historical periods. Speakers included an expert in Late Antiquity, a classicist speaking on the modern reception of the Roman orator Cicero, and an academic specialist in modern political speech. 

Professor emerita Gillian Clark (Bristol University), and an expert on all aspects of Late Antiquity; Dr Lynn Fotheringham (Nottingham University) and an expert on Cicero and his reception; Professor James Martin, Professor of Politics, convenor of the Rhetoric and Politics specialist group of the Political Studies Association and an expert on modern British political speech, joined us for three facinating talks in three different cities and universities: University of St Andrews, University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow.

The programme was as follows: 

St Andrews

Wednesday 7 October 2015, 4.05pm

Professor emerita Gillian Clark (Bristol University) will speak on: ‘Speaking to the community: late antique sermons as political oratory’

Hosted by School of Classics and the Network for Oratory and Politics.

You can watch our recording of Prof. Clark's talk here. 


Wednesday 14 October 2015, 5.10pm

Dr Lynn Fotheringham (University of Nottingham) will speak on: ‘Attitudes to oratory in modern biographies of Cicero’

Hosted by the School of History, Classics & Archaeology and the Network for Oratory and Politics.


Wednesday 11 November 2015, 5pm

Professor James Martin (Goldsmith’s, University of London) will speak on: ‘Beyond Pathos: Enjoyment as a Rhetorical Factor’

Hosted at The Univeristy of Glasgow by the Network for Oratory and Politics.

You can find a recording of the seminar here


These events have now passed. You can catch up on the seminars on our website.