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Our Services

The Glasgow Program


ECG Core Lab Activities and Clinical Trials

For large clinical trials, the Glasgow ECG Core Lab can:

  1. Accept ECGs in electronic or paper format directly from trial sites and manage database storage and retrieval systems for both types. This assists in the determination of end points and allows (serial) comparison of ECGs

  2. Provide an ECG interpretation based on the Glasgow program with reports reviewed by experienced staff

  3. Maintain a computer based management system for handling of study ECGs involving secure, state-of-the-art technology for data archiving, storage and retrieval

  4. Provide Minnesota coding (the internationally agreed standard for epidemiological studies and clinical trials) for both electronic and paper copy ECGs

  5. Provide feedback to trial centres on quality of ECG recordings and clinical data 

  6. Carry out research into various aspects of electrocardiology as appropriate to a trial

  7. Demonstrate extensive experience of participation in clinical trials and epidemiological studies

  8. Undertake standardised, blinded measurement and interpretation of ECGs 

  9. Participate in and advise on clinical trial design 

  10. Assist in clinical endpoint deliberations

  11. Assist with studies in related fields such as ambulatory monitoring 

  12. Supply training courses for nurses using our services as part of a clinical trial. Our online teaching material is also available on this site