Specific research areas

MHDP research figure


The project will use two main approaches: linkage of primary data sources to secondary data; and development of mental health eCohorts. Four exemplar projects within this framework are proposed:

1. Developing the West of Scotland Psychosis Clinical Information System as a resource for future epidemiological and pharmacogenomic research, with a focus on the interface between physical and mental health. PIs Danny Smith, Colin McCowan.

 2. Establishing a Scotland-wide Schools Health Research Network to facilitate large-scale adolescent mental health research and innovation in schools. PIs Laurence Moore, Joanna Inchley.

3. Extending the Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory’s neurodevelopmental eCohort linkages of the annual Pupil Census and Scotland’s Census 2011 - across a range of cross-sectoral education, health and social datasets - to study a broader range of physical, mental and educational outcomes. PIs Anna Cooper, Jill Pell.

4. Extending several current Scotland-wide mental health data linkage projects, including assessing the potential for repurposing antihypertensives as treatments for mood and cognitive disorders and exploiting the unique ‘SHARE’ population register for pharmacogenomics work in bipolar disorder. PIs Danny Smith, Jill Pell.