LOGO - HEADING - STOP SUICIDE updated 14.1.21

Here you will find summaries of the information in our UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) adolescent mental health bid called 'stop suicide'.  the aim of this study, if we get funded, is to find out what helps so many young people who have experienced abuse and neglect do so well despite their difficult early experiences - and how we can spot those who are likely to have problems, like self-harm, early enough to offer some help.  

Video - What to do if you are worried - have a look at this short video if you are worried that reading about suicide and self-harm might be upsetting

Video - Our team will be complete if we can include young people

Animation 1 - What do we know - and what do we not know - about suicide and self-harm?

Animation 2 - Resilience and adapting to stress

Animation 3 - Understanding self-harm and suicide - a complex problem

Animation 4 - Collaboration and methods  

Here is a paper describing some very exciting findings about the association between pain perception and self-harm in young people in the care system because of maltreatment. 

Assessment of Somatosensory Function and Self-harm in Adolescents