Significant Medical History project

Julie Kennedy and Peter Macfarlane in the ECG core lab at the Royal Infirmary have been working on documenting the History of Medicine at the University for over 10 years – intermittently!

At the outset of the project, along with others in the group at that time, they commenced development of a website which documents the history within the former Faculty of Medicine from the 17th to the 21st Century. A book entitled “A Significant Medical History” was produced to accompany the website. A copy can still be obtained in the Visitors Shop at the University!

Subsequently, it was felt that when the Faculty of Medicine ceased to exist, it would be of value to document the developments within the university and the NHS, from the start of the NHS in 1948 until the introduction of the College of MVLS. Julie and Peter were joined by Emeritus Professor Gordon Lowe, former Professor of Vascular Medicine and Dr Marjorie Allison, a retired renal physician and University Teacher, and together they obtained a grant from the Chancellor’s Fund to enable further work to commence. Staff in former university departments and their NHS colleagues, many of whom held honorary University appointments, contributed to providing historical details of the work done during the period 1948 to 2010 in particular.

The result is a greatly expanded website detailing developments during the period in question

It is hoped that the new content will be of interest to many current and former members of staff, so you are encouraged to have a look!

The team would like to thank the Chancellor’s Fund for its support of this venture.

First published: 14 March 2018