Message to staff and students from IHW Management Group

Thank you to everyone in IHW for coping so well with current difficulties. Your hard work and flexibility is much appreciated. We are well aware that you are having to struggle with a multitude of problems - rapidly developing and adapting to new ways of working alongside possible personal or family illness and additional carer duties due to school closures and elderly relatives unable to leave their homes.

We understand that some aspects of work may not be practically feasible at present. We also understand that your work schedule and the amount of work you can do may be impacted by other issues, such as carer duties, at this time.

It is important to maintain your physical and mental health at this time. The following may be of interest (invites and links to join will be sent to individuals' UofG email accounts): 

  • weekly zoom yoga sessions at 1pm on Fridays
  • zoom coffee mornings – IHW and individual research groups are sending out zoom invitations for social catch ups, please feel free to join them
  • the GU counselling service for staff (PAM Assist) is still running a phone advice service and can be accessed on 0800 882 4102. This is a free and confidential service. More information about staff counselling

If anyone would like to speak to a member of senior staff in confidence please contact:

From a practical perspective:

  • You cannot obtain consumables (eg paper for printers) in the normal way at present. Therefore, finance has agreed that, with the approval of your line manager, you can purchase small value orders (<£100) yourself and then recoup online via expenses
  • If you are encountering IT problems (eg with remote access) these can be logged and answered via the online helpdesk 
  • The university has posted a list of FAQs, which is updated regularly that you may find helpful
  • MVLS has posted a list of FAQs 

If you have suggestions on others things we can do to support each other in IHW please use the IHW online suggestion box 

Many thanks

Jill Pell, Kate O’Donnell, Sally Wyke, Asha Costigan 
Institute of Health and Wellbeing Management Group

First published: 28 June 2018