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Members of IHW recently teamed up with the Institute of Cancer Sciences to advise product design students from the Glasgow School of Art on their final-year projects for their exhibition "The future of cancer and collective intelligence in the post-COVID world – future experiences".

Photo of product designer sitting and drawing at desk

Director of HEHTA, Olivia Wu, and Catherine Hanna, PhD student and senior oncology trainee at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, were both advising students for the project, which is a "speculative design exploration into future experiences of working and living with cancer ten years from now". Jude Robinson, Professor of Health and Wellbeing and Deputy Head of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow, is also part of the project team. 

The students were given access to specialists across different disciplines and sectors (IHW and Institute of Cancer Sciences among others) through a series of "Expert Engagement Sessions". The result of this was a highly successful collaboration on designing technologies that are useful, relevant and often beautiful(!), for the future using collective intelligence in the field of cancer research.

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First published: 21 April 2021