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Environmental Management MSc

This exciting new international programme is taken over two years of full-time study and is based at the Joint Graduate School at Nankai University, Tianjin, China. It draws on the expertise in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow and the College of Environmental Science and Engineering at Nankai University to provide a unique programme in Environmental Management in one of China`s largest and most vibrant cities. Please click here for further details about this programme.

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Women in Geomatics

Most science, technology and engineering disciplines have been and to some extent still are male dominated. At GES, women are increasingly prominent in our Geomatics programmes and increasing female participation at postgraduate level is a key part of our Athena SWANaction plan. Over the last five years, 2012 – 2016, the average percentage of female students undertaking our Geomatics programmes is 33% (ranging between 24% (2014-15) and 38% (2016-17)). Female students in our Geomatics and Management programme have made up at least 50% of the class since it started in 2013 and female students in our Geoinformation Technology & Cartography programme exceeded 50% this year (2016-17) for the first time since 2010. The staff teaching Geomatics has included women for over 35 years and for a brief period recently (2014-15) women academics outnumbered men.

GES Women in Geomatics

Charlotte Ryan

Nationality: United Kingdom

Programme: MSc Geospatial & Mapping Sciences (2017)

For my undergraduate degree I studied Geography and Economics at the University of Glasgow. During this time I was introduced to the Geospatial and Mapping Science masters degree that is offered by the university. I decided to apply for this course due to balance between the theory of methods and applying it through practical fieldwork. Additionally, the different types of surveying that was taught, such as land and hydrographic, provided an opportunity to decide what area of surveying I prefer. The course has taught me a wide range of survey based skills, as well as providing the opportunity to improve my teamwork, leadership and communication skills. After the completion of my degree I hope to enter a career involving land surveying.


Ainura Temirova

Nationality: Kazakhstan

Programme: MSc Geoinformation Technology & Cartography (2017)

My name Temirova Ainura, I am 23 years old and from Kazakhstan, a country in the middle of Asia and the 9th largest in the world! When I was a high school student I set the objective to become a professional, skilful and highly qualified geography specialist. Thus, in order to achieve this goal, I applied to the Eurasian National University named by L.N. Gumilev (hereinafter referred to as ENU) which is one of the best universities in Central Asia in the technical sphere. During my study, I participated in different activities at University including international programs and conferences. GIS was a really interesting course for me and after graduating from ENU with honours, I continued to work in the Geotechnical Institute as a Junior researcher in GIS. While working there, I realised that a good level in English is crucial for further career development given the process of global integration of economies, so I decided to improve my English and study in one of the best universities of the world. I am currently a recipient of the Bolashak International Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan, which sends exceptional students to top universities around the world. My work experience has provided me with a deeper realisation of the importance of being competent in various spheres and especially as a GIS specialist. The reason I chose the University of Glasgow is because of its international reputation, its world-renowned standing in many disciplines, including Geomatics, and because it is an institution with a progressive outlook and an unmatched brand name that attracts me.

During my study at the University of Glasgow, my experience and knowledge of GIS has improved immensely. The postgraduate course helped me to build upon my acquired skills and also provided me with a set of specific skills in the areas of analysis and GIS technology. I truly believe that deeper knowledge of each GIS field will provide me with the skills necessary to continue improving the quality of my research and working for my country as well as contributing to the future development of GIS.


Jenny Johnstone

Nationality: United Kingdom

Programme: MSc Geoinformation Technology & Cartography (2017)

After gaining my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from The University of Virginia, I decided to return home to Glasgow to complete a postgraduate degree in Geoinformation Technology and Cartography. Having taken undergraduate classes in GIS and using it in a few courses, I knew that I wanted to pursue it further and build a career around it. I want to work in conservation, and GIS skills are an invaluable tool in this field. I am interested in utilising the wide array of GIS applications to aid in the restoration and conservation of the environment. Upon completion of my postgraduate degree I am hoping to gain experience in the UK and the USA and ultimately become an environmental consultant either in the UK or abroad. 

*This picture was taken during data collection for my project on the restoration of the Dalfad open cast mine site in East Ayrshire. I was surveying a clay tip that had a lot of vegetation present that a UAV survey would be unable to accurately capture.


Erin Goh

Nationality: Malaysia

Programme: MSc Geomatics & Management (2017)

My name is Erin Goh, a MSc Geomatics and Management student from Malaysia. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Urban Planning and my passion is Geographical Information System (GIS). I worked as a GIS Consultant in the oil and gas industry, focusing on promoting lean process through web gis and remote sensing. Upon my completion of my programme, I would like to contribute my knowledge in GIS to solve problems in the environmental, health and renewable energy sectors.


Xin Zhang (Cynthia)

Nationality: China

Programme: MSc Geoinformation Technology & Cartography (2017)

I am Cynthia, a Chinese student from Tianjin, one of China's largest and most vibrant cities. It is a fabulous experience to study here at the University of Glasgow. The Geoinformation Technology & Cartography programme has led me to a deeper understanding of cartography, and taught me a wide range of skills in GIS and remote sensing, land surveying as well as improved my team work and social skills immensely. Also, here in Glasgow, I have met people that come from all around the world, it is great to talk with them and learn about different cultures, and observe my country from a different view. 

Raushan Arnhardt

Nationality: Kyrgyzstan

Programme: MSc Geoinformation Technology & Cartography (2017)

After several years of working in research and consulting in the field of civil engineering and geosciences, I returned to University to obtain an MSc degree in Geoinformation Technology and Cartography. During my professional career I was involved in projects with varying levels of GIS applications and, due to this reason, I was keen to build up knowledge in this area. The postgraduate degree offered by the University of Glasgow fully matched with my interest due to the broad range of subjects including cartography. Shortly after the completion of my degree, I joined the British Geological Survey (BGS) as an urban geoscientist to support exciting projects in the UK and overseas.

* This is a picture of me obtaining soil samples for geotechnical testing from the landslide Upper Koi-Tash in the Mailuu-Suu area in Kyrgyzstan

Writing Advice for Current Students

The University of Glasgow has a Royal Literary Fund PGT Writing Adviser, Katie Grant, who can provide one-to-one writing advice for all PGT students across the university.

Prizes for taught postgraduate students

The school awards a variety of prizes every year to recognise and reward student achievement in taught postgraduate programmes. Follow the links for details of the prizes and the awardees.

Geomatics prizes

MSc Geospatial & Mapping Sciences: Best overall performance


2015-16           Edward McHugh


MSc Geospatial & Mapping Sciences: Best performance in taught courses


2015-16           Calum McBride


MSc Geospatial & Mapping Sciences: Best project


2015-16           Nikolaus Ves


MSc Geoinformation Technology & Cartography: Best overall performance


2015-16           Lucie Wollenstein


MSc Geoinformation Technology & Cartography: Best project


2015-16           Elena Field


MSc Geomatics & Management: Best overall performance


2015-16           Amy MacDonald


MSc David Tait Award for Excellence in Fieldwork in Geomatics


2015-16           Fiona Livingston

Human Geography MRes prizes

Best overall performance


2015-16           Marina Burke


Best project


2015-16           Marina Burke and Lauren Elliot