Here, we briefly detail the various experiences of academics and students on the use of extended reality (XR) for creating course contents and lab materials as well as the enhanced learning experiences that was achieved by the students.


EON-XR is an exciting learning tool I have used for the Aerospace Control module at the University of Glasgow Singapore (UGS). Students used to prepare for the Laboratory session on controller design of a 2DOF helicopter. Thanks to the EON-XR, the students managed to experience the equipment in a virtual environment, and they got to prepare for the lab session. In addition, students can self-evaluate with the quizzes. As an instructor, I used the short-quiz results to anticipate areas where students need more support. Students' feedback is that they appreciated this learning tool because it facilitates their learning and preparation for the lab session.
Arturo Molina-Cristobal

We are now able to integrate EON-XR platform contents in our learning and teaching activities. As a first step, 3D VR lesson developed here is the effort to Introduce the industrial robot to Mechanical engineering students (Mechatronics specialization) by means of interactive learning as we can see its wide application in manufacturing industries. Typical application such as welding, painting, assemble, disassembly, pick and place kind of activities this kind of robots can do. Later students can program this robot for given application. As well as students can make this kind of robot. There are around 17 different activities included in lesson. Students' feedback is that they enjoy the experience and appreciated this learning tool because it facilitates their basic understanding of robots and its application in different industries.
Jolly Atit Shah




Metaverse” has been a popular concept nowadays, and we caught the chance to experience such a relative project. During the process we mainly took a 360° panoramic photo and then upload it on the EON XOR platform for decoration. Then the objects in the picture are vitalized based on the description, video and quizzes. This innovation photographic mean allows viewers to feel the images instead of just taking a look in traditional way. Viewer can experience a real science exhibition through this way. The new strategy has unlimited potential that in the future people could visit a museum on their phone, which along with the narration. We are grateful to Vitalise for providing us with an opportunity to experience this approach of photo-taking and honored to receive the award of the activity!
Junyi Nangong, Runfeng Fu

Great thanks to this opportunity, we have a good chance to explore EON-XR platform, in this brilliant 3D or VR teaching platform, everyone can upload model and add annotation on that, to help students learn intuitively. My work Boeing GE90 got a second prize, this is out of my expectation, thank you very much for recognition and encouragement, I hope EON-XR platform will be better and better, then more students can benefit.
Jingze Cheng

It is a great honor to win the prize in this competition. For us, this is our first contact with the production of XR, so everything seems strange, but it also happens to be the source of interest and motivation. Thank you very much for the platform provided by EON-XR, which gives us the opportunity to understand this particularly interesting field. Through this competition experience, we learned more about the XR field. Compared with traditional teaching methods, the immersive teaching provided by this platform can provide learners with a more vivid learning experience. Thank you again for the opportunity and platform provided by EON-XR.
Litent Miao, Yaowe Liu