What is the IEE Unit?

The Innovation in Engineering Education (IEE) Unit at the University of Glasgow is an interdisciplinary teaching initiative that involves staff from five engineering disciplines. The initiative seeks to advance the science of learning through a range of interdisciplinary projects that emphasize real-world problem-solving, critical thinking and the application of advanced technological tools. Moreover, these projects present students with unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience and grasp engineering concepts holistically. The unit also engages with industry partners and leverages their insights, ensuring that our educational approach stays relevant to the evolving needs of the engineering sector.

Purpose and Motivation

The IEE Unit at the University of Glasgow aims to transform engineering education by fostering a student-centred, collaborative and active learning environment. Our objectives include promoting group, project and team-based learning experiences. The primary motivation for establishing the Unit is to offer our students engaging learning opportunities that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We believe that the interdisciplinary nature of these projects encourages a more holistic understanding of engineering concepts and fosters collaboration among students from different disciplines.

Industry Members