Dr Khiem Nguyen

  • Lecturer in Thermal Energy / Multiscale Materials (Systems Power & Energy)


I obtained Bachelor in Mathematics (Vietnam National Univerisity), Master in Computational Engineering (Ruhr University of Bochum; RUB) and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (RUB). Prior to working at Glasgow, I worked for 5+ years in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at three institutes: University of Stuttgart, Helmholtz Research Center for Materials Science and ETH Zurich. I have joined University of Glasgow as a lecturer in Multiscale Materials since January 2022.

Research interests

My research interests are in analytical and computational methods for materials exhibiting multiscale characterization. Examples are ferroelectric materials, piezoelectric materials for harvesting energy, metamaterials with exotic and unnatural mechanical properties, and thermal composites. In addition, I am pursuing data-driven approaches to design materials using topology optimization or inverse design of microstructure with the aid of artificial neural networks. Another research theme of mine is data-driven computational mechanics with a special focus on constitutive modeling using artificial neural networks and optimization methods.

My publications and citation data can be found here: Goolge Scholar and ResearchGate



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I am looking for students interested in applying physics-based methods to understand behaviors of materials across scales. Students can also collaborate with experimentalists in 3D printing, mechanical testing and material characterizing.


Students with a background in applied mathematics, computational science aor engineering are welcomed. Good coding ability will be a great asset.

Current areas of interest include

  1. Modelling and understanding metamaterials in quasi-static and dynamic regimes
  2. Modelling of nonlinear multicale materials with artificial neural networks
  3. Data-driven computational mechanics for constitutive-free physical and mechanical problems
  4. Reduced-order models for two-scale computational procedure for continuum body or structural engineering built upon multiscale materials

If you would like to discuss various Master projects and PhD opportunities, please feel free to contact me [khiem.nguyen@glasgow.ac.uk] with an academic Curriculum Vitae (CV).


Prior to working at University of Glasgow, I have taught various subjects:

  1. Continuum mechanics and material modelling
  2. Energy methods in dynamics
  3. Spectral methods for partial differential equations and applications in mechanics