Professor Jonathan Cooper

  • Wolfson Chair of Bioengineering (Biomedical Engineering)

Research interests


Professor Jon Cooper has overall responsibility for the University’s Knowledge Exchange strategy and policies and for the University’s relationships with its strategic partners including industry, NHS, Government and Charities. He is also responsible for the University’s enterprise activities, including the promotion of spinout companies.

Jon holds an ERC advanced investigator award, a Royal Society Merit award and is an EPSRC Fellow. He has 240 publications in internationally renowned peer reviewed publications, with an ISI H factor of 40, see: He has also been involved as an academic founder of three spin-out companies, ModedxSAWdx  and Clyde Biosciences, in the fields of medical diagnostics, drug delivery and new medicines discovery.

Jon was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2001) and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (2004). He was appointed to the Wolfson Chair in Biomedical Engineering in 2009. He has served on RAE’08 (EEE) and is currently serving on REF’14 (General Engineering).

Previously, he was Head of the Division of Biomedical Engineering in the School of Engineering and a Dean in the College of Science and Engineering. He also held positions as International Dean for East Asia and lead the University’s strategy in Transnational Education.


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  • EPSRC Research Landscape funding associated with the Proxomics Project (2011-2016, £1.4M)
  • BBSRC Project, Electrophysiology on a Chip (2011-2014, £516,510)
  • Lead Investigator of The EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre (2007-2016, £5.45M)
  • EPSRC Frontiers Engineering Grant in SynBio & Water Engineering (2013-2018, £5.1M)
  • EPSRC Personal Fellowship, (2013-2018, £1.7M)
  • ERC Advanced Investigator Award, (2014 -2018, 1.7M)
  • TSB Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases (2013-2016, £320,100)
  • TSB Veterinary Disease Diagnosis (2014-2016, £270,270)
  • BBSRC UK-India Farmed Animals Disease Diagnostics BBSRC (2014-2017, £437,440)


2011 to date: Mr David Paterson, Microdroplets for Membrane Synthesis;
2011 to date: Mr Miang Liang, Sensing using Acoustics (National Scholarship of Taiwan);
2011 to date: Ms Liliana Acosta, National Scholarship of Mexico Microflow & Acoustics (CONACYT);
2011 to date: Mr Modh Hafiz Bin Ismail, Microdroplet Manipulation (National Scholarship of Malaysia);
2011 to date: Mr David Zhbou, Integrating Plasmonics and Acoustics (CSC);
2011 to date: Mr Arslan Khalid, Integrating Dielectrophoresis & Acoustics (School Scholarship);
2011 to date: Mr Niall Geoghegan, Acoustics for Probing Cell Arrays, Funded by CDRL DTA;
2011 to date: Mr Ben Tiler, Acoustics for Drug Delivery, Funded by CDRL DTA;
2011 to date: Mr Emrah Kaplan, Biosensor Microtechnologies (National Scholarship of Turkey);
2012 to date: Ms Kimia Mohammadi, Protocells, Funded by RCUK Basic Technology Grant.
2013 to date: Mr Gaolian Xu, Molecular Diagnostics, Funded by the School;
2013 to date: Mr Shahid Nasser, Dielectrophoresis (Self Funded);
2013 to date: Mr Hang Zhao, Droplets in synthetic Biology (Self Funded);
2014 to date: Mr Daniel Esiri, Blood Diagnostics (Self Funded);