Dr Christopher Brown

  • Research Associate (Systems Power & Energy)


I am interested in energy modelling, specifically focusing on deep geothermal resources. I have undertaken a BSc in Geology and MSc in Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Manchester, whilst I completed my PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham. During my PhD, I also worked intermittently at Cheshire East Council on prospective geothermal projects in the region. Following my PhD, I worked at MDPI as an Assistant Editor.

I joined the University of Glasgow in August 2021 as a Research Associate, where my work focuses on two projects: 'INTEGRATE' and 'NetzeroGeoRDIE'. These projects focus on underground thermal energy storage and the repurposing of the Newcastle Helix Borehole as a deep borehole heat exchanger, respectively.

Research interests

  • Geothermal Energy, Modelling and Engineering
  • Subsurface Modelling
  • Geothermal Uncertainty and Risk
  • Fluid Flow
  • Geological Characterisation of Geothermal Resources
  • Seismic Interpretation and Submarine Landforms


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