Dr Alistair Inglis

  • Research Associate in Molecular Spin-Optical Dynamics (Electronic & Nanoscale Engineering)


I am currently a post-doctoral researcher within the School of Engineering. Research interests revolve around spintronics and condensed-matter spin systems, focusing on energy-harvesting and molecular quantum sensors.

Background in magnon spintronics and magnetic wave-computing to doctoral level. Winner of Springer Thesis Award for outstanding research. Four years of experience as a Data Scientist in public and private sectors, specialising in Network Theory and Natural Language Processing based business problems. Certified MS Azure and AWS developer.

Research interests

My research interests revolve around spintronics and condensed matter spin systems. I have developed a spin-wave device that performs phase conjugation that can used in a wave computing paradigm. My current research, in the field of optospintronics, concerns the control of molecular spin systems through a combination of optical and microwave frequencies.

Professional activities & recognition

Prizes, awards & distinctions

  • 2024: 3MW Science Communication Competition (Institute of Physics (IoP) Scotland)
  • 2020: Award for outstanding doctoral research (Springer Theses Award)