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RF & Microwave Fundamentals Seminar (28 September, 2017)

Speaker: Keysight Technologies

From the company that has been a leading innovator in Spectrum and Network measurements for 70 years, please join us for a FREE RF & Microwave Fundamentals Seminar to help improve your understanding of basic Network Analysis and Spectrum Analysis measurements, including real applications, thus improving your efficiency and effectiveness whether you are in R&D or design & test.

A vector network analyzer (VNA) is a precision measuring tool that tests the electrical performance of high frequency components, in the radio frequency (RF), microwave, and millimeter-wave frequency bands (we will use the generic term RF to apply to all of these frequencies). A VNA is a stimulus-response test system, composed of an RF source and multiple measurement receivers. It is specifically designed to measure the forward and reverse reflection and transmission responses, or S-parameters of RF components. S-parameters have both a magnitude and a phase component, and they characterize the linear performance of the DUT. While VNAs can also be used for characterizing some non-linear behaviour like amplifier gain compression or intermodulation distortion, S-parameters are the primary measurement. The network analyzer hardware is optimized for speed, yielding swept measurements that are faster than those obtained from the use of an individual source and an individual receiver like a spectrum analyzer. Through calibration, VNAs provide the highest level of accuracy for measuring RF components.

You can see our latest solutions, and expand on the practical knowledge you need to have to perform your day-to-day-measurements. Application and product experts from Keysight will be on-hand to give demonstrations and technical presentations around the latest innovations, features and capabilities that enhance the fundamental measurements.

This seminar will run through 4 main sessions:


Session 1: Network Analysis Fundamentals and Calibration
1st Section: 9:30am - 10:30 am
Coffee Break 10:30am – 10:45am
2nd Section: 10:45am - 12pm
Lunch 12pm – 1pm

Session 2: 900Hz - 120GHz Broadband Frequency System Presentation, PNA-B models capabilities and application areas + demo
1 - 2pm
Coffee Break 2pm – 2:15pm

Session 3: Cable & Connector care
2:15pm - 3pm
Networking Break 3pm – 3:15pm

Session 4: Spectrum Analyzers Basics
3:15pm - 4pm

Discrete Element Method (DEM) Open Forum & ESyS-Particle Workshop (30 August, 2017)

Speaker: Various

You are cordially invited to attend a casual gathering of Discrete Element Method (DEM) enthusiasts to discuss current and future trends in particle-based numerical modelling. This $free Open Forum welcomes anyone who currently undertakes scientific or engineering research using DEM software; either Open Source or proprietary. The purpose is to stimulate discussion about DEM software, techniques and methods in a relaxed and collegial manner. Generous breaks and discussion periods will facilitate collaboration and comradery. The forum will also serve to launch ESyS-Particle v3.0; including the recent additions of Darcy flow and self-gravity.

UK-China Emerging Technologies (UCET) workshop (07 August, 2017)

Speaker: Various

The UK-China Emerging Technologies (UCET) workshop will provide ample opportunity for knowledge exchange and the exploration of joint collaborations between various participants from British and Chinese universities through lectures and field visits covering various areas in the supply chain of emerging technologies and integrated systems. This includes multidisciplinary discussions in electronic systems design, communication, and photonics incorporating:

  • Analog/Digital/Mixed/RF IC Design
  • Beyond CMOS: Nanoelectronics and Hybrid Systems Integration
  • Biomedical Circuits and Systems
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Energy Harvesting
  • 5G and Beyond Cellular Systems
  • Flexible Electronics and Wearable Technologies
  • Integrated Power ICs
  • Internet of Things
  • Micro/Nanoelectronics
  • Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Engineering
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics
  • RF, Microwave and mm-wave Circuits
  • Radar Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Sensors, Circuits, Systems, Imaging and MEMS
  • Signal Processing
  • VLSI and SoC Applications
  • Wireless Communication Systems

Lectures will also include future directions and will be delivered by leading experts from various fields.

Register to attend by contacting

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