MDTech Education - Registration and Enrolment

Enrolment for New and Continuing Students:

The first step in becoming a student at the University of Glasgow is completion of Registration.  Full information on this process is available on our Registry Webpages.

Following registration, students are then required to enrol on classes.  Full information is available on our Registry Webpages.

Please use our Room Finder App to locate your classrooms and lecture halls.

Enrolment Requirements

The compulsory courses which you are required to enrol on are:


  • Electricity and Electronics T1 (EDUC1050)
  • Graphics T1   (EDUC1051)
  • Mathematics T1 (EDUC1052)
  • Technology Craft Workshop T1 (EDUC1054)
  • Teacher Education 1  (EDUC1073)
  • Systems and Integrating Technology  T1   (EDUC1074)                       
  • School Experience 1 (EDUC1075)           
  • Design T1 (EDUC1076)


  • Design & Integrating Tech T2 (EDUC2064)
  • Graphics T2   (EDUC2068)
  • Int Electricity and Electronic (EDUC2069)
  • Mechanics T2 (EDUC2070)
  • Tech Craft Workshops T2    (EDUC2072)
  • School Experience T2 (EDUC2081)


  • School Experience 3 (EDUC3043)
  • Tech Craft Workshop T3 (EDUC3045)
  • Teacher Education 3  (EDUC3064)
  • Technology and Society (EDUC3065)
  • Graphics T3   (EDUC4045)
  • Materials and Processes T3 (EDUC4047)
  • Design and Integrating Tech T3 (EDUC4079)


  • School Experience   (EDUC4057)            
  • Joint Project Hons T4 (EDUC4065P)
  • Teacher Education 4 (EDUC4068)
  • Technology Option T4 (EDUC4071)