Dr Agnieszka Uflewska

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (School of Education)


The University of Glasgow PhD and a graduate of the University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics and the Jagiellonian University (Poland), I am passionate about international relations, with a particular interest in migration, culture of belonging and education. Travelled extensively (USA, Europe) before making Scotland my permanent home.

Research interests

My doctoral research centred upon the concept of cultural belonging(s) in the progressively mobile world. Particularly, I was interested in the construction of cultural identity(-ies) and difference(-s), their contemporary production mechanisms, as well as their reconstruction processes induced by multicultural triggers. Set in Glasgow, Scotland, the study was informed by 46 in-depth interviews with millennial Poles. The work, completed in 2018, is now available here.

My current research interests include:

- international relations, culture and migration;
- negotiations of belonging identity in the context of migration;
- a role of education in constructing cultural identity and difference.


I support Masters students and PhD researchers during various stages of their research. I also organise seminars and talks on a dissertation's structure, data gathering process, data analysis and PhD viva exam preparations (Mock viva).


Additional information

Research Experience:

Mass-media Appearance:

Głodni Wiedzy (Knowledge Hungry): interview by M Grzymkowska, Tydzień Polski, 4 Aug 2016; about MOOCs, multilingual education & life-long learning.

O výsledku skotského referenda mohou rozhodnout i tamní Poláci: interview by Jiří Hošek, Czech Radio, 17 Sept 2014; about Poles & the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.