Preeti Dagar

"a memorable and enjoyable journey"

I am pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD in Education and Urban Studies. My research aims to explore sustainable livelihood and social inclusion opportunities through skills development for refugees in urban neighbourhoods. I developed a keen interest in adult education and skills training during my master’s in Adult Education for Social Change. I wanted to further explore lifelong learning opportunities for adults from marginalised communities, and therefore, I decided to pursue a PhD. As a multidisciplinary researcher, my interests lie in adult education, migration, gender issues, and Global South and post-colonial perspectives.  

I have worked with various international and local organisations such as UNIDO, Austria and UNESCO UIL, Germany, and grassroots level NGOs in India. I hold postgraduate degrees in Adult Education (University of Glasgow), and English Literature and Gender Studies (University of Delhi). My previous work and academic experiences have not only deepened my understanding and broadened my horizon but have also shaped my research interests. 

The skills, knowledge and experiences that I am acquiring during my PhD will prepare me for a career within and beyond academia. I aim to give back to society by undertaking relevant and high-quality research. I hope that my current research project will help inform policy and programmes which will aid to bridge the social and economic inequality affecting the marginalised communities.  

For anyone interested in pursuing a PhD, I would suggest building on your previous knowledge and experiences to decide on a research topic, while also being open to learning about new fields. The PhD will be a memorable and enjoyable journey if you are motivated to achieve a deeper understanding towards your chosen area.