Dr Keyu Zhai

“a strong academic foundation”

I graduated in 2020, having completed my thesis Social mobility and international graduates in China. My supervisors were Dr Marta Moskal and Dr Barbara Read. I have particularly fond memories of their patience, kindness, encouragement and tolerance throughout my three-year PhD study.

My time at the University of Glasgow inspired me and led me to grow as a social science researcher. Throughout the three years, I built not only research knowledge and research methods but, more importantly, rigour and precision in the research process. These influences on me go far beyond my PhD and will affect my attitudes to teaching and learning. My supervisors deserve enormous respects and admiration and the time I spent with them was the best part of my PhD journey.

Since graduating I have been working as an associate professor at China University of Mining and Technology. I am working on extending my PhD research into social mobility and international graduates, and also engaging with new research fields. My PhD laid a strong academic foundation for my current job. I acquired rich knowledge on research conduct and management, a serious attitude to research and knowledge and the ability to work in a rigorous and logical way. My supervisors provided good examples, showing me how to be a good supervisor to my own students.