Dr Jie Zhang

“absolutely rewarding”

I graduated in 2020, having completed my thesis Chinese Postgraduate Taught Students’ Transitional Experience in the UK: The Role of Social Connections. My supervisors were Dr Dely Elliot and Dr Kara Makara Fuller.

Since graduating I have been working as a university lecturer in Guangzhou, China. My students are on international programmes and will study abroad to finish their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

My PhD studies have had a great impact in various ways. My PhD research focuses on Chinese international students’ experience and my current role is to teach future Chinese international students. I can see the differences between studying in China and studying in the UK, get to know the strengths and weaknesses of students, and know what challenges they may need to face and make efforts to help them improve their skills. It was an absolutely rewarding experience for me. I’ve learned many things that I may not be able to learn in my PhD. I’m sure they will be very useful in many ways in my future.
I have had many wonderful experiences studying at University of Glasgow, and it is really hard to select only one of them. Sometimes it might not be a big event, but a short moment, for instance, after a long day’s reading and writing, when you come out of the office, you can see a beautiful pink sky.