Dr Hannah Chestnutt

“to be mentored, to talk, to laugh”

I graduated in 2018, having completed my thesis The potential of school partnerships to ameliorate educational inequity: A case study of two partnerships in Scotland.  My supervisors were Chris Chapman, Kevin Lowden, and Michele Schweisfurth.

Since graduating, I have been employed as a Faculty Lecturer at McGill University, Canada where I have been enjoying teaching a number of courses to undergraduate students and graduate students, and also conducting research. My current research includes understanding networks of support for under-represented STEM students and network building in sustainability research.  My areas of interest also include social network analysis, knowledge brokering, educational equity, science and maths education.

I have many wonderful memories of my time at University of Glasgow, but some of my favourite memories include travelling to schools, conferences and cafes with senior researchers Kevin Lowden and Stuart Hall.  They taught me so much about how to do educational research.  I am very grateful for the opportunities I had to watch them conduct research, to be mentored by them, to talk with them and to laugh with them.   


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