Gendered Inequalities in Higher Education

Impact of research beyond academia

Whilst the Gendered Journeys project is still in its first year of funding, the Examining Gender in Higher Education (EGHE) Network has had a demonstrable impact, particularly in relation to Rwanda.  Drawing on the research and knowledge exchange developed in the EGHE network, Ms Jane Umutoni (EGHE and Gendered Journeys co-investigator) and colleagues at the University of Rwanda developed gender-sensitive teacher training materials that were circulated to schools across the country. Umutoni and colleagues also devised a guide that was shared with heads of units across the university, and had an impact in ensuring that all submitted proposals in the university’s recently renewed funding partnership with SIDA had to be gender sensitive. One successful, gender-sensitive bid involves supporting a number of PhD opportunities that give priority to female applicants 

In addition, the guide has also inspired a further research study at the University of Rwanda As a result of the project findings Jane Umutoni and colleagues proposed recommendations that will directly inform policy designed to support the women academics’ involvement in research at the University of Rwanda as well as help in formulating new strategies aimed at promoting a gender responsive environment across UR Colleges, both socially and professionally.