Building expertise on arts practices for peace education and inclusion

Impact of research beyond academia

The network involves a collaborative partnership between members with interdisciplinary expertise based in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Canada and the United Kingdom. TAI activities comprise reviews of policies and programs, as well as cross-country fieldwork and workshops. The 1st TAI Workshop was successfully held in Bogota 28-29 July 2019 hosted by Gloria P. Zapata at Juan N. Corpas University Foundation (FUJNC). The two photos below include members M.E. Pinto (CEO Fundación Prolongar), G. Howell (TAI Advisory), A. Cabedo (Jaume I University, Spain), S. Figueiredo (UDESC, Brazil), G. Baker (TAI Advisory), S. Niño (PhD student at Edinburgh), H. Vázquez (PhD student at Victoria, Canada), A. Rodríguez-Sánchez (Fundación Batuta), P. González (Co-Investigator), G.P. Zapata (Co-Investigator), O. Odena (Principal Investigator). The smooth running of the event was supported by L. Rico (FUJNC). On Monday 29 July we had seven presentations, most of which are available in the Repository of the TAI website at Presentations discussed, for example, the work with war veterans and victims by Fundación Prolongar and the Music for Reconciliation programme for displaced families by Fundación Batuta.  

The 2nd TAI Workshop planned for 13-14 May 2020 in Glasgow – see - had to be postponed due to COVID-19 and will be held in Glasgow in 2021 (date tbc). 

Details of TAI beneficiaries include clients/users of NGOs and civil society organisations working with TAI such as Prolongar Foundation and Batuta Foundation, e.g. conflict-displaced children participating in Batuta’s Music for Reconciliation programme, fully financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Colombian Government. Beginning in 2001, this programme currently has 284 music centres around Colombia, benefiting 18,000+ displaced children by providing safe spaces to sing, play instruments and develop friendships with other displaced children in a secure environment.