Project News

The CUSP Grant Scheme has launched and applications are open for research projects from £1,000 to £80,000. If you would like to apply please visit: for more information. The deadline for applications is Friday 20th August, 17:00 (UK time). If you have any questions please contact



The Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace was first granted £60,000 of Development Award Funding from AHRC and launched on the 1st July 2019, led by Dr Giovanna Fassetta.

This award, working with our partners in Ghana, Mexico, Morocco, Palestine and Zimbabwe, set the groundwork for CUSP N+ through setting up essential structures and ensuring that everyone had the resources to build a full Network Plus proposal. Another aim of the Development Award was to ensure partners could undertake the decolonising research, something that continues on the CUSP N+.

On the 1st April 2020, the Culture for Sustainable Peace Network Plus grant, led by Prof. Alison Phipps, was launched with the aim of:

  • Strengthening LMIC arts and cultural institutions/organisations to become a reference point for the identification and transformation of social conflict, including gender-based violence, coercion and injustice.
  • Ensuring equal participation of women and girls, including in leadership roles, in artistic and cultural work for peacebuilding, whilst attending to environmental justice.

COVID-19 and the corresponding safety measures, have impacted research but CUSP has adapted and moved online. Partner meetings and research moving online, CUSP is currently undertaking research Strand 1.