New Release - Podcasting the Past Series 1

Podcasting the Past brings together Scottish history teachers with researchers and trainee teachers at the University of Glasgow. Designed to act as a point of reference for new teachers, or those coming to a particular topic for the first time, it offers c.30 minute discussions of topics in the Higher History curriculum.

The first series is a conversation about the Higher History module USA: 1918-1968. It has six episodes covering key issues on: attitudes towards immigration in the 1920s; civil rights up to 1941; the economic crisis of 1929-33; the New Deal; the development of the Civil Rights campaign after 1945; and the effectiveness of the Civil Rights movement up to 1968. Resources, historiographical summaries, and teaching notes are also included.

The first series is hosted by Gabrielle Starrs, a trainee teacher, and Fraser McGowan, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Glasgow. They are joined by Secondary History teachers Tim Green, Beth McIntyre, Ann McMillan and Andrew Parker, as well as Dr Mark McLay and Dr Peggy Brunache from the University of Glasgow School of Humanities, to discuss their experiences of teaching and researching in this area. Dr Sarah Anderson and Dr Philip Tonner from the School of Education partnered with the production team.

Listen to the podcasts here:

This pilot series was generously supported by the University of Glasgow's Chancellor's Fund and Knowledge Exchange Fund.

First published: 19 October 2021

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