Wayfarers Project awarded funding

Odena (Co-I) and Tonner (PI) have been awarded £4856 by the ESRC IAA for the project ‘Wayfarers: confronting the past through history and traditional music education in schools’ (2020-2021). 


Guitars, mandolins, fiddles and the other instruments that make up a contemporary traditional band resonate with sonically encoded narratives. This project will develop a work package with a discrete outcome: we will use emerging research by Odena (2018) on the role of music education for school integration and Tonner (2016) on theoretical issues of facing up to controversial histories in heritage settings to develop a ‘teaching pack’ for a pilot study in a secondary school to teach about the “musical migration” of Scots to Appalachia, Eastern U.S. and the challenging historical factors (e.g. forced migration, slavery and segregation) that they encountered. 

First published: 19 November 2020

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