Pull Printing


Pull printing facility has now been implemented within the School click on the link for locations of all available printers within the school.

 Pull Printing Location

Pull printing software

To print from these machines you need to install pull printing software on your computer. This software will also enable you to choose options such as colour, staple and collate from your desk. Please note that what you receive also depends on the functions available on the printer you pull from.

The standard PC desktop instructions are:

  1. Go to Start, then Settings/Control Panel.
  2. Click into the search box at the top right of the window and type the word Run.
  3. Then click Run Advertised Programs (32-bit).
  4. Scroll down to UOG Connect to Managed Print..., click it and click Run.
  5. Once the process has finished you should have the PULLPRINTING printer installed on your machine.
  6. It may be sensible to reboot you machine afterwards, just to ensure the new settings are set up.

Other download installation instructions here:

  • Windows (PDF) (laptops and non-standard machines)
  • Mac (PDF)

If you have problems installing please contact  IT Support.

Sleep mode

Please do not switch off the machines, either at the wall or with the on/off switch. They are designed to remain on sleep mode at all times so that they work as efficiently and quickly as possible. Canon assure us that the power used in sleep mode is minimal.

Also please do not interfere with the cabling (at the request of IT) as this could damage the network connection and stop people being able to print.

Lost staff/student card

If you have lost or mislaid your staff card, you should go to the Library Membership desk:

If you have lost or mislaid your Student Campus card, you should go to the Service Desk in the Fraser Building, level 2: