Head and Neck Cancer

Lead Contacts: Professor David Conway


Head and neck cancer epidemiology research is focused on socioeconomic inequalities and HPV. The research spans the head and neck cancer continuum from investigating the burden and risk factors to evaluating early detection/screening interventions, and assessing outcomes and survival. 


Translational Studies of Head and Neck Cancer in South America and Europe (HEADSpAcE) is a project funded by the European Union that started in January 2019. It brings together a consortium of 15 partner institutions with a long and successful record of collaboration in the study of head and neck cancer. The University of Glasgow is part of the HEADSpAcE consortium. 

The impact of HEADSpAcE will be to elucidate reasons for late diagnosis and reduce the proportion of head and neck cancers that are diagnosed at a very late stage. The project aims to identify the most appropriate method of diagnosing cancer caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), and to provide genomic evidence of strong predictors of prognosis that will have the potential to improve care and reduce treatment-related morbidity. 

Key Publications

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