College Teaching Excellence Award Success for the Dental School

Issued: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 14:00:00 BST

Winning teaching excellence awards team

In response to the call earlier this year for nominations for College Teaching Excellence Awards, a nomination was submitted for the team of Ziad Al-Ani, Andrew Crothers, Zayneb Makki, Wendy McAllan, Robert McKerlie and Carlos Miguel in relation to their significant achievements over the past five years to develop and embed Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching into the BDS curriculum.

Professor Jill Morrison, College Dean for Learning & Teaching gave us the good news that the team has won a College Teaching Excellence Award. In addition to the very well-deserved recognition of the efforts and success of the team, the Dental School also receives £1,000, to be spent on teaching-related and professional development activities. Furthermore, the College Panel has nominated the team for a University Teaching Excellence Award.