Visit to Sun Yat Sen University School of Stomatology, China

Issued: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 15:16:00 BST

Following the highly successful dental student exchange between Glasgow Dental School and Sun Yat Sen University School of Stomatology in the early Summer, Professor Bagg recently visited Guangzhou to deliver a lecture on the exchange programme. He stressed the outstanding educational experience that had been provided in both schools for each group of students and thanked all the staff members who had worked so hard to make the programme a success. His sentiments were echoed by Professor Huancai Lin and Le Yang, one of the exchange students, who also gave presentations to the mixed audience of staff and students. At the end of the session, Professor Bagg presented each of the exchange students, Bo Yang, Le Yang, Xi Wang, Yingbin Zhang, Yiqun Jia and Yixi Wang, with a certificate that recorded their participation in the exchange programme.