Prizes and Awards

Prizes and Awards

The Alastair Buchan Prize 

The Alastair Buchan Prize was founded in 1919 in memory of Alastair E Buchan, undergraduate in Arts, who was killed in action in 1917. This award is offered annually for the best poem on a prescribed subject.

The Alastair Buchan Poetry Competition is open to all Glasgow University students.

Poems are invited to be submitted on the theme: 'Reason' and should be up to 40 lines in length, with a maximum of three poems per submission.

The prize will be £200 first prize, £100 second prize, £50 third prize.


Entries should be sent to: SCS CW Admin and should include name, student number and degree subject. The deadline for submissions will be Friday 14 April 2017.

The judges will be members of Glasgow University staff in Scottish Literature and Creative Writing.

Winners will be announced and a prizegiving reading will take place on a date to be confirmed.

The Mary McKinlay Prize

The Mary McKinlay Prize is a prize awarded annually on the recommendation of the Head of Scottish Literature, to a student of English and Scottish Language and Literature. The prize winner this year was Hanna Markkanen.

The prize was established in 1995 in memory of the late distinguished schoolteacher, Mary McKinlay who had interests in the teaching and research areas represented by all three departments in the former School of English and Scottish Language and Literature.
The prize is adjudicated by the three conveners of the respective level 1 classes in consultation with the Head of School and the Chair of Teaching, Learning and Quality Committee.

The McCash Prize for Poetry

Founded in 1973 by James A McCash of Gallowhill, BSc 1924, in memory of his brother William Martin McCash, MB 1921, and of his sister Margaret Stewart Lithgow McCash, MD 1929. Awarded annually for the selected best poem in Scots on the recommendation of a committee appointed by the Head of Scottish Literature of the University of Glasgow. Any form of Scots Language usage will be considered. The prize may be divided or may be withheld in any year if in the judgement of the selection committee no poem of sufficient merit is submitted. The income for that year will be added to the capital sum. The prize shall not be awarded to any candidate more often than once in any three years. The regulations may be varied from time to time by the Senate in the light of experience. 

Last year's winners:

1st Prize William Hershaw £750
2nd Prize E.M. Buchanan £350
3rd Prize Andrew McCallum £200


Jessica Yorke Scholarship for English Literature/Creative Writing

 About the scholarship

We are delighted to announce the Jessica Yorke Scholarship, to be awarded annually to undergraduate or taught postgraduate students of English Literature or Creative Writing demonstrating talent in, and commitment to, the field of writing for the purpose of engaging diverse audiences.  We will seek to award one or more scholarships amounting to a total of £2000, part of which may be spent on a project, field trip or course that will develop the student’s skills as a writer. Recipients will be selected on the strength of their writing ability and plans to use the scholarship funds to further their skills and experience. 


This scholarship has been established in memory of Jessica Yorke who graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1999 with an MA Hons in English Language and Literature. Jessica’s interest in the field of writing on diverse, non-academic topics, was illustrated during her time in Glasgow through her contributions to the Glasgow Guardian and Glasgow University Magazine, and to the student newspaper at UCLA where she spent a Study Abroad year. After graduation Jessica continued developing her interest in this area in many ways including a course in journalism, various roles in publishing and a year spent teaching English in Kenya.

How to apply

Students wishing to be considered for the awards will be required to submit a sample or portfolio of published writing, along with a completed application form (Jessica Yorke Application Form). The submission(s) may take the form of a single article or a portfolio of shorter pieces. The article or portfolio should have been published within the past year and might take the form of a review, travel piece, interview, investigative report, column or other work of journalism. Publications from blogs with an editor/editorial board will be considered. The maximum word count is 2000 words. 


The complete application form and submission(s) should be sent via email to: by Friday 27 January 2017. The subject line of the email should read 'The Jessica Yorke Scholarship'.

Further information

For any queries, please contact the Head of English Literature, Dr Vassiliki Kolocotroni: