'Editing Robert Burns for the 21st Century' Panel at BARS - 17 July 2015

Published: 30 June 2015

Editing Robert Burns for the 21st Century Panel at BARS - 17 July 2015

Friday 17th July 2015
University of Cardiff

 On Friday 17th July 2015, a panel comprised of members of the 'Editing Robert Burns for the 21st Century' project team (Dr. Rhona Brown, Dr. Pauline Mackay and Prof. Murray Pittock) and chaired by the General Editor, Prof. Gerard Carruthers, will discuss the ‘Editing Robert Burns in the 21st Century’ project at the British Academy for Romantic Studies Conference.

Rhona Brown’s paper, ‘Native Fire’ and ‘Wild Graces’: Responses to Robert Burns in the Scottish Periodical Press, 1786–96′, will explore responses to the life, character and work of Robert Burns in the Scottish periodical press, from the beginnings of his fame in 1786–7 with the Kilmarnock and Edinburgh editions, through to responses to his death in 1796. Pauline Mackay’s paper, ‘Editing Robert Burns’s Correspondence for the 21st Century’, anticipates research and editorial work for several new volumes of Robert Burns’s letters due to be published by Oxford University Press as part of the project. Finally, Murray Pittock will speak about ‘Textual Editing without a Text: The Challenge of The Scots Musical Museum‘.

Elsewhere at the same conference, project Research Assistant, Gerard McKeever will deliver a paper on ‘The Scottish National Press, Burns’s Kilmarnock Volume and the Question of Improvement as Britishness’.

First published: 30 June 2015