SAMUELS Project Team and Acknowledgements

The SAMUELS Project involved an international consortium of universities. The main development of the tagging software was conducted by the team at Lancaster University, working with semanticists and corpus linguists at Glasgow to integrate data from the Historical Thesaurus of English into the software pipeline.

Sub-projects utilising the resulting data were conducted at the University of Glasgow, University of Huddersfield, and University of Central Lancashire. More details about these can be found on the sub-projects page.


These staff led the SAMUELS project and its sub-projects at the consortium institutions.

Dr Marc Alexander, University of Glasgow (PI)
Jean Anderson, University of Glasgow
Professor Dawn Archer, University of Central Lancashire
Dr Alistair Baron, Lancaster University
Professor Jonathan Hope, University of Strathclyde
Professor Lesley Jeffries, University of Huddersfield
Professor Christian Kay, University of Glasgow
Dr Paul Rayson, Lancaster University
Dr Brian Walker, University of Huddersfield


International Partners

Professor Mark Davies, Brigham Young University

Professor Davies runs the world-leading website providing access to multiple large-scale corpora through a sophisticated search interface. He has integrated Semantic Hansard and Semantic EEBO into this site, making these semantically annotated versions readily available for researchers around the world.

Professor Anthony Johnson, Åbo Akademi University
Ilkka Juuso, University of Oulu
Professor Tapio Seppänen, University of Oulu

The team at Oulu and Åbo Akademi in Finland are the developers of a software package named Time Machine which visually explores the age and lifespan of words used in a text in order to discover and analyse anachronisms and antedatings. They investigated the possibility of using semantically annotated data from the SAMUELS project in updating their system.


Research Staff

Research staff on SAMUELS and its sub-projects are listed below.

Brian Aitken, University of Glasgow
Dr Fraser Dallachy, University of Glasgow
Dr Scott Piao, Lancaster University
Dr Jane Demmen, University of Huddersfield
Bethan Malory, University of Central Lancashire
Stephen Wattam, Lancaster University


Associated Staff

Elina Koristashevskaya, University of Glasgow, Project Assistant

Elina manually tagged texts from different genres and time periods to be used in evaluation of the tagger's accuracy.

Meg MacDonald, University of Glasgow, Financial and administrative assistance

Meg was Project Co-ordinator for the College of Arts Research Office at Glasgow, overseeing the administrative support for the project and its finances.