Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus is supported by our network of distinguished scholars, whose role is to provide advice on our research.

Dr Kathryn Allan (University College London)

Jean Anderson (University of Glasgow) 

Dr Kenneth Austin (University of Bristol)

Dr Carole Biggam (University of Glasgow)

Professor John Corbett (University of Macau)

Dr Philip Durkin (University of Oxford, Oxford English Dictionary)

Professor Antonette Healey (University of Toronto)

Professor Jim McGonigal (University of Glasgow)

Professor Andrew Prescott (King’s College London)

Professor Jane Roberts (University of London)

Professor Jeremy Smith (University of Glasgow)

Professor Irma Taavitsainen (University of Helsinki)

Dr Alison Wiggins (University of Glasgow)

Irené Wotherspoon (University of Glasgow)


This photo of the Mapping Metaphor team was taken at the Progress in Colour Studies conference, Glasgow, July 2012.