Mapping Metaphor Colloquium

Friday 28 March 2014

(Venue: Hugh Fraser seminar room and Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building, University of Glasgow)

Coffee/tea available from 9am

9.15     Welcome (Wendy Anderson)

9.30     Jeremy Smith, ‘The state of the art: some implications of the Historical Thesaurus

9.45     Keynote talk: Antonette Healey, ‘Home truths and fugitive pieces: mapping metaphor at Toronto’s Dictionary of Old English

10.45   Coffee/tea

11.00  Mapping Metaphor at Glasgow panel 1 (10-minute talks) (Chair: Wendy Anderson)

Carole Hough, ‘From Hillhead to Hillfoot: metaphor in the landscape’

Rachael Hamilton, ‘Cool, clear and clashing colours: the metaphorical qualities of colour’

Irene Wotherspoon, ‘Homonymy, a data snapshot’

Fraser Dallachy, ‘A lot to take in’

(10 minute break for questions)

Marc Alexander, ‘‘Wear a horn and blow it not’: power and authority’

Daria Izdebska, ‘Taking a stab at it: metaphors and military equipment’

Carole Biggam, ‘Plant-related metaphors’

12.30   Lunch

(Chair: Christian Kay)

13.30  Kathryn Allan and Philip Durkin, ‘‘Literal’ and ‘metaphorical’ meanings of borrowed words: exploring words for “sweet” using HTOED’

14.00  Jane Roberts, ‘Reading and mapping: metaphor soup’

14.30  Irma Taavitsainen, ‘The case of terms of address in the history of English’

15.00  Kenneth Austin, ‘Fear and (self-)loathing: expressions of religious anxiety in Early Modern England’

15.30   Coffee/tea

15.50  Mapping Metaphor at Glasgow panel 2 (10-minute talks) (Chair: Carole Hough)

Alison Wiggins, ‘Metaphor in Renaissance letters’

Judith Paterson, ‘He doth nothing but talk of his horse’

Ellen Bramwell, ‘The madness of coding’

Wendy Anderson, ‘It’s electrifying: metaphors of pleasure and excitement’

(10 minute break for questions)

Christian Kay, ‘Food for thought’

Ross McLachlan, ‘Spatial metaphors in physics’

Beth Ralston, Heather Valentine, George Hardwick, ‘Biting the dust: metaphors of death in the Historical Thesaurus’ (15 minutes)

17.20  Discussion, led by Andrew Prescott

17.50  End