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A collection of Prose in Scots or by Scottish Authors

  • Journal of a Lady of Quality - excerpts from the journal of Janet Schaw, from a journey to the West Indies from Scotland, in the years 1774-1776.
  • The Works of John Galt - selected novels from an extensive collection of the works of John Galt, held by the University of Guelph, Canada. The text and images were provided by Tim Sauer, Head of Collection Services, University of Guelph, Canada.
  • The Waverley Novels of Sir Walter Scott - selected novels from the text 'Waverley Novels - The Centenary Edition', volume 3, published by Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh, in 1870, (The Antiquary in 1871) and printed by R Clark, Edinburgh. These texts were provided by Anders Thulin, of Linkoping in Sweden.
  • Scenes from an Artist's Life - a reminiscence of life in 19th century Scotland by John Kelso Hunter.
  • Mang Howes an Knowes - A Day's Dander Throwe Border Waeter-Gates by Elliot Cowan Smith.
  • Sair Heid City by Matthew Fitt - an extract fae a sci-fi novel in Scots cried 'Cafe o the Twa Suns'.