Analytical Index to the Publications of the International Phonetic Association 1886-2006

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The Index has been designed primarily to answer a wide range of questions to do with phonetics and associated disciplines. For example:

  • What is there on ejectives, or electropalatography, or dialects of Russian, or field-work techniques in phonetics, or rhythm in Mohawk, or non-linear phonological theories?
  • Is there a specimen (ie an illustration) of Twi or a dialect of South-West China? Is there anything on western accents of Australian English?
  • Where is the Thalbitzer-Lawrenson-Uldall specimen of Eskimo?
  • Where is the specimen of Eskimo by I-think-it-was-Lawrence-somebody?
  • Has [A] ever been used as an IPA symbol? If so, what was its value?
  • What value or values has [B] had?
  • Who reviewed the Anderson-Durand book on dependency phonology, and when?
  • Has phonetics ever been taught at the University of Toulouse?
  • Is there a review of the 4th edition of Daniel Jones' Outline of English Phonetics?
  • When did Paul Passy start his adult education classes in phonetics?


Note that other than 'IPA and Unicode' all links are PDF files